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Guest glasgowdon

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Will be there after managing to get a ticket through the work this morning. :dance:


Dod cheers for the offer of the tickets last week but could not get hold of a second person to take the other one at the time. Will buy you a beer anyway if your down for the game.

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Unfortunately, I'll be there.


Got two tickets in the hope the Yiddos would be there. Tried to sell them, but no luck.

Much better things to do with my Wednesday night.


Had I been back in Scotchland I'd have taken them off your hands in a second! Surprised you couldn't shift them!

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No problem chaps, just managed to get rid this morning.


Glasgowdon, tried to let you know, but you inbox is full apparently.


Is that beer transferable Jute? I'll no doubt bump into you sometime!


Thanks all the same lads.


Will be available for any uefa fixture so hopefully you can collect in August when Dons are in the Uefa cup. :itch-chin:

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Guest glasgowdon

Aye, Sevilla have got George Sq. and Espanyol have got Merchant City Square. Counting House will be good today! I'm supporting Sevilla cos they wear red and white.

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