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How Soccer Explains The World

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Have just picked this book up written by some American guy (Franklin Foer) which tries to use football to explain theroies of globalization. Have read the first three chapters. First one about Arkan and Red Star Belgrade, Third one about Jews in Football, touches on Spurs and Ajax and the Second one about the old firm and sectarianism.


The author spends most of his time with the Huns so its them that seem to get the brunt of the blame but there are also mentions of the tims and their problems as well, although there was one single quote that jumped out at me and made me laugh.


"Rangers allowed itself to become a staging point ground for strident Protestant politics. It sent teams to Belfast for benefit matches, with proceeds going to Northern Irish chapters of the Orange Order - the anti-Catholic fraternal organization that seems to exist for no other reason that ominously marching through Catholic neighbourhoods on July twelfth, the anniversary of King Billy's 1690 triumph at the Battle of the Boyne. Ibrox stadium became the citywide focal point for Glasgow's own July twelfth celebrations"


Loved that bit about the Orange Order, kind of summed it up for me.

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