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Guest glasgowdon

Might as well keep ourselves amused now that the SPL is done.


la Liga Table at 18:00


1st: Sevilla, games 35, pts. 67


2nd: Real Madrid, games, 34 pts. 66

3rd: Barcelona, games, 34 pts. 66

4th: Valencia, games 35 pts. 65


5th: Zaragoza, games 35 pts. 58

6th: Atl

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I like Barca and think they are good team but are going the same as Real did a few season back, buying player after player trying to get success but failing.

I must also admit that it is the best league in the world.


I think the finish to the Spanish season with 4 teams vying for the title and the FA Cup final yesterday proves once and for all that La Liga is definitely the best in the world. Its about time the guff media realised it too.

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Guest glasgowdon

Spanish Primera Liga


Team P W D L F A Pts

Real Madrid 36 22 6 8 61 37 72

Barcelona 36 21 9 6 71 30 72

Sevilla 36 21 7 8 64 34 70

Valencia 36 20 5 11 52 35 65


Valencia's home defeat to Villareal ends their hopes of a late championship charge whilst Villareal move into a UEFA Cup spot.


Real Madrid comfortably beat Deportivo la Coruna 3-1 at the Santiago Bernab

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how is it decided if on the same points?

Goal difference?


For some reason I was thinking there was a playoff in this situation but maybe that is another league


Play off happens for relegation spots in Italy. In Spain it goes by the head to head games. Hence why Real are top even though Barca have a much better goal difference.

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Play off happens for relegation spots in Italy. In Spain it goes by the head to head games. Hence why Real are top even though Barca have a much better goal difference.


Ahhhh, could not understand why Madrid were on top, and was thinking it may have been number of games won... :ThumbsDown:

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Am i right in thinking theres only one game left in la liga?



Final Games:


Barcelona: Espanyol (H), Gimnastic (A)

Real Madrid: Zaragoza (A), Mallorca (H)

Sevilla: Mallorca (A), Villareal (H)


Each game could go either way and it looks as though Mallorca could have a big say in where the title goes this year.

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certainty is one thing you can never say in football, thats what makes it such an exciting sport to watch. if it were a cert that the big team would always win how do you explain "the underdog"?


Theres so much that can happen from now till that game, Madrid are in the driving seat, but i wouldnt go so far as to say the title is heading their just yet

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Guest glasgowdon

I think the trophy will be in Madrid next Sunday night as they are likely to win.


Was at Mallorca vs. Sevilla and Sevilla were the shadow of the team they were in the UEFA Cup final. Didn't deserve anything from the game.


If Mallorca weren't scared to shoot it could easily of been around 3-0.

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Guest glasgowdon

All will be revealed this Sunday...


Real Madrid vs. Mallorca

Although Mallorca will be up for this in order to help out Barcelona, I can't see Madrid throwing this away on the last day of the season. Add to this Mallorca's fear of shooting when they have great chances and you may as well start etching Real Madrid on the trophy.


Gimnastic vs. Barcelona


Barcelona are going to win this game. Gimnastic finished bottom. That's all there is to say.


Sevilla vs. Villarreal


Interesting to see what kind of team Sevilla put out. Do they go for it and hope everything falls their way or do they rest players for the Spanish Cup final against Getafe? I think Juande Ramos is sensible enough to know that the latter option is the best way to go. They'll probably beat Getafe, add to that the UEFA Cup and Champions League football next year and you've got a great season. Villarreal also have to win to ensure they are playing UEFA Cup football next year. I'm calling it a draw.

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Sky Sports 3 from 1930


I believe they are showing the Real game with the other two on the "red button" if you have that function.......which I don't with Virgin Media :checkit:


Just to remind you:



1 Real Madrid +24 73pts

2 Barcelona +41 73pts

3 Sevilla +30 71pts


btw do Mallorca not have a history of final day results affecting the title?

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Guest glasgowdon

Yes, Mallorca are always a tricky final day fixture but Real have more or less signed two of their players (Ibagaza and Jankovic) and although Mallorca have the whole Catalan connection with Barcelona, they'll be up for it.


Although having watched Real Madrid the past few weeks, they have been riding their luck and I think it's Beckham's "destiny" to win the title with the team he's rejuvenated since his return.

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