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Stephan Klos Tribute on A.N.Other forum

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No really, the big guy will be touched I'm sure at such a hearfelt tribute...... :laughing:


As Stefan Klos looks set to leave in the summer, I thought it would be fitting to have a thread in Tribute to the Best Keeper, we've had since Andy Goram. Stefan Klos is an amazing keeper, who has contributed so much to Rangers. Think its fitting that there should be a thread to remember his time with us.


Here's to Stefan Klos, a True Rangers Legend, one who will be sorely missed!


Add your thoughts and memories of Klos and this is a plee to fans from OTHER teams who infiltrate out Rangers board if you say anything be in admiration for Klos, not mockery or ridicule, coz the man that is Stefan Klos is a True Rangers Legend.

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Must admit that, despite the fact that he was a hun, he was a pretty bloody amazing keeper a few seasons ago. He wazs easily top keeper in Scotland ... and that's at a time when the likes of Peter Kjaer was playing in the SPL. Kjaer was phenomenal, but Klos was in a league of his own when he was in the first-team squad.


I certainly wouldn't say no to us doing a straight swap ... we get Klos, they get Langfield, lol.

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