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crucial qualifier (although I've no idea who I want to win, if anyone) is on EUROSPORT at 8PM



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they went a touch OTT for Giggs today. calling him "a great servant" and "loved by welsh fans". You speak to anyone down here and the majority have very little positive to say about Giggs' "contribution" to the national side over the past 10 years. He played about half the time, and when he did play he was largely ineffectualy.


Yes it was his last game for his nation, but as Toshack said, he wasnt avaliable for the game against slovakia so hes hardly in any position to be saying todays game should be a benchmark.


I want Wales to do well as it reflects well on my bird as she is associated with a successful side...but ffs, they have decent players...why are they not better than they are?

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The fancy one.


Again OT but apparently there has been a bit of a mini riot at the end of the Denmark-Sweden game with red cards and a pitch invasion...


Denmark pulled it back tp 3-3 then the linesman flagged for a penalty to Sweden in the last few minutes. A Denmark fan ran on the pitch and punched the ref. The ref and players all walked off before the fan then got the ball and ran up the pitch and scored. Fan was arrested and 3-0 win has been awarded to Sweden.

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