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Under 21 championship

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Just watching this the now and can't help but notice how good some of the players are at an early age, fair enough most are still picking up the trade of football but still look pretty decent enough.


I was wondering if AFC has anyone out there looking for a wee gem that we could take, some of the players in the Czech side are decent and their goal keeper is pretty good aswelk.



Anyone else been watching this? Ans does anyone think that we should have a couple of people out there having a wee word we them?

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Aye i agree with you there but there is no harm in having a go, the Serbia strikers look pretty good at a young age, and the build up for their goal was brilliant.


Serbia is one of the teams we should be looking at because they are the type that unearth a few good players that go by un noticed by the big teams so even if we got a semi decent player it could still pay off in the long run.

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