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Scarborough out of business

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Mis-management and overspending fairly cathcing up with some of the smaller teams down south.


Got to feel for the fans of these clubs, must be terrible.

They'll just reform has Scarborough Town or something, anyone else notice Boston were relegated to the Conference North for doing a Leeds and going into receivership after relegation had been confirmed. At least the Conference has the balls to stand up to clubs playing the system.

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I guess when the chips are down they had no choice but to got out of business. I saw on the news that a fans group has plans to reform the club.


Is that a bad pun that no-one picked up on, or are you being serious?

Saw them years back when i was down there on holiday (the glamor, i know), playing Darlington in a friendly. They were gash.

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It's a pity to see them getting fried. Hopefully, things will get batter when they reform the club and they won't fritter away all the money. I've heard Jan Vinegar of Hesselink might join them after he leaves Celtic.


Sorry. On a serious note, it's always sad when a team goes to the wall, unless it's one of the Old Firm or Hearts. Or Gretna.

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