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Looking for a club?

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Anyone looking for a club next season?


Sportsmans Club are looking for some fresh blood this season. Just been promoted to the 1st Division (Amateur Saturday league) so hoping to bring in some new faces to mount a challenge on this league.


Good set up. Get use of the Sportsmans Club (Queens Road) for a swally after games etc. Good bunch of guys there at moment.


If interested leave me a PM and i will fill you in with the details.


Thanks lads.


Also we are lining up a few friendlies for pre season. We already have 3 Aberdeen based teams, however was looking at getting a friendly with a team away from Aberdeen.


If anyone out there can pass on any contacts to me that would be great. Can u PM me?



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Dinna play now, just help run them. Hung the boots up.


Yeah was at the Mugiemoss game couldna believe we threw that one away. Good game to watch though.


As for play off game. What game was you watching mate? Granted you probably were the better team in the 2nd half. But come on min. We had 5 one on ones with keeper and missed them all in the first half. We destroyed you in the first half. Your goal should have never stood as ball was clearly out for a goal kick even then it took one of our lads to stick it in the net min.


In the 2nd half as i said you had most of the possesion but you never really had any clear cut chances. A lot fo shots fae outside box and the free kick in the last few minutes where the boy missed a sitter of a heeder. Even in 2nd half we had another 3 one on ones that we failed to stick away.

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Na past it now min. Snapped my achillies years ago and never been since. So decided to call it a day. Wisna enjoying it after that. Prefer just going along to help oot the lads now. Plus like my odd visit to Todders and away games plus Scot games so canna give 100% anymore to be honest.


Yeah i reckon you lot will be in with a shout this season like. Got a good team there. Like to play fitba on the deck too. So reckon you should do alright.


Yeah Calzer and Sinky have signed on. Most boys have signed apart fae 1 or 2.

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