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Cahill and Arteta new deals

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wouldnt be so sure.


- everton have a very good setup with some quality players.

- bolton have weakened massively so could struggle to maintain their standard theyve set the past few seasons but still have potential

- spurs were very good last year and the year before and will only get better

- newcastle are going in the right direction, not saying theyll challenge this year but its a good start and given that its allardyce at the helm, they may actually start to realise their massive potential aswell


- arsenal look very shakey. the young guns are good but are they good enough for a whole season.

- liverpool are liverpool, theyll be 3rd again, no better

- chelsea and united will be far and away winners

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Spurs had a really terrible spell for most of last season, they're away form was abysmal, the quality is there for them to do better than last season. The return of Ledley King should go a long way to achieving that, and a settled forward line.

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