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Scotland-Costa Rica

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The last group game and we do have a chance of qualifying. Victory is not an option tonight, we have to win. The four best 3rd place teams will go through to the last 16. I'm going for a 2-1 win. Costa Rica will score in the 93rd minute and that goal will cost us a place in the next round.


Was just looking at the group tables, and I think a win should be enough for us to go through. Although, Namibia are currently winning against Uruguay, which, depending on other results, might mean we do need a big win.

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A 4-0 win will send us through regardless of what happens else where! We have a dream:)


Portugal need to win and there's another thing we need to happen as well... Ghana lose or draw, was it?


That's what Deacon Blue's drummer said, anyway...

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Guest fatjim
There's a 5 f*cking second time difference between the commentary and the pictures. :angry11:


it's doing my nut in.


was clear we had scored before we scored. if that makes sense.


was like that on monday too.

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