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Police Raid Clubs.......

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I took it that it was nothing to do with the dodgy player deals and sounds like it may be to do with finances??


That would probably make more sense, there has been alot of money going between those clubs (Huns & NUFC) recently.

Off the top of my head.... Boumsong was

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According to BBC third club raided is Portsmouth.


How does portsmouth fit into the Huns-NUFC connection?? Cant really think of any transfers between those clubs..



edit; just saw on the bbc site that the cataylst for this investigation was an arrest last month of a 61yr old man for money laundering.

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according to the sun, its the transfer of Faye from portsmouth to Newcastle.


i have a couple of die hard Rangers fans sitting next to me at work, and even they are going if it is the case that there is corruption at Ibrox they deserve everything they get.


Doesn't stop me winding them up.

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