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Roughest pub in aberdeen?


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Used to be really bad but not nowadays. Wouldn't bother me walking in there for a pint but many other places would. Quite a few bars in Torry for example. A few in Woodside and Tillydrone also.


Ach well, looked scary back in the day. Used to take a wide berth from it any time I was near it.

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Guest Stoney

Olden days the windmill was a scary place to be some nights. Byron few years back wins hands down


Starry and scotia seem a bit lively nowadays


White horse in woodside defo for me though always something going on when im in.

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Guest Stoney
524 is very rough. Grew up in 570 just up road and used to see fights every single night!!


Central Bar (Northern Lights now) in Woodside must be up there. You just don't go in there if you are an outsider!!



Funny enough my boss had bother down there on saturday (524)

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Guest Stoney
Broadsword in Tilly and that one on George Street I cant remember the name of right now.



Never seen any bother in the broadsword since the new lad took over 2 years back used to be a bit wild tho

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Murdos in its day (before the refurbishment). the Polis were always breaking up fights there. especially when the Footie was on. Remember being there for the infamous '99 old firm game when the Huns won the league and they did that stupid ill-advised huddle at the end. was a f*ckin riot when the 3rd goal went in.

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Local bars are always the same, if you go in and act like a tw*t, someone will kick sh*t out of you, but if you just go in for a drink and act normal you won't get any sh*t from anyone.


Murdo's (my local for years) and the Summerfield Lodge were pretty scary places at times. The Byron, Double Two, Three Lums and Dancing Cairns are a couple of others that spring to mind.


Think I've been in every bar listed so far, and I've seen sh*t kick off in all of them, but the only one I've really wanted to leave after being in was the 524.


Oh, and the White Horse is the least scariest pub in Aberdeen.


Has the Red Lion on The Spital not got a bit of a reputation as well now?

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I wouldn't call it off topic at all. We're discussing pubs, and since you have to be over 18 to be in a pub.......I was merely asking to find out if you were a legal age to drink, because if not.......it's illegal for you to be in this thread


Find me a law that states an under 18 cannot read a forum thread about pubs?


To answer your question, yes, I am old enough to drink. Out of curiousity, what's your choice of tipple Robo?

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524?? I got chased out of there years ago by 2 guys with pool cues! I bought a pint and had about one sip when I hear "He's f*ckin' old bill" I've never necked a pint so fast in my puff! When I tried to leave two guys started swinging their cues at me!


Been in since. They've got a big hole knocked in their wall for ventilation to let out the smell of weed! Usually 2 dogs the size of ponies roaming about the bar quite randomly! :thumbup1:

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