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Entertaining game at Ibrox today

Guest LondonScottish

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Guest LondonScottish

Rangers beat Chelsea 2-0 today in an entertaining friendly that was far more competitive than your average pre-season game. Putting all anti-Rangers feelings aside, it was good to see a Scottish team putting one over the super-spenders of World football.

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Guest LondonScottish
i heard the start of it on the radio in the car,sounded like rangers were getting ripped apart.




Although Chelsea started in a lively manner, Rangers more than held their own throughout , created more chances and thoroughly deserved their win.

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Aye it was a right scum love-in at Ibrox yesterday. Had to laugh at how mental the fans were going about a friendly.


Sebo had the shirt off and louping into the crowd after his goal. Fanny!


Personally if we beat Chelsea 2-0 in a friendly I'd hardly stand up to celebrate.

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Guest Stoney
thank f*ck I wasn't in Glasgow at the weekend.

Shower of minks the lot of them.



We were - god know how we wernt murdered on saturday morning.


There was a lot of chelsea shlaaaaags giving it the big one on saturday night, good few of them holding hands with each other in the auctioneers early doors - nice wee love in they had

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