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Anderson on as a sub

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and he still gets higher rating than any of the other outfielders...



How some one who only played 28 minutes and gave away a penalty can get the highest outfield rating i will never know.



Generally a sub will only get a 5 or a 6 at best unless he scores.

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Reminds me of Jonathan Woodgate's debut for Real Madrid. He scored a belter of an own goal, then got himself sent off. The crowd didn't know what to think so they gave him a standing ovation!


Except Cadger didn't get sent off, score an own goal or get a standing ovation.


Apart from that, I know what you are saying. :itch-chin:

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I caught the Sunderland game on MoTD. There were 3 incidents in the first half that probably should have been penalties for Wigan as well as several stupid fouls. The whole defence was pretty culpable for the result and I think it would be unfair to single out Anderson in any way. Gordon did well though - he couldn't do much about the offside goal or the penalties but he did make two decent saves, the second to deny one of his own players (think it was the one who conceded the first penalty).

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Aye, SSN saying Heskey going away from goal and Anderson needlessly went to ground and brought him down!


Na - he was steamin intae the box and Ando went for the ball - and missed by a mile and took the man.


Just on, first game, goin in on a fast player and not up to the speed of the game. 99 out of 100 times he'd get the ball clean. But no this time.

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He was sitting in the lower deck this afternoon. Got a nice round of applause.

Was just away to say this. Only saw him coming out for start of 2nd half and coming right up the stairs for the 2nd half. Looked almost humbled by his reception!!

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