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Liverpool Chelsea

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rob styles has to be the worst ref in england after today.


hes lost track of who hes booked - i think its up to 9 now. ben haim even assumed he was being sent off so started walking but god knows.


malouda jumps into finnan and chelsea get the penalty.


carragher pulls on drogbas shirt, falls over himself and ends up getting a liverpool freekick.


countless balls have gone out of touch and the decision gone the wrong way.


lampard was l&cky alonso didnt smack him one when he gave him the sly kick.


best and worst game ive seen in ages

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Referees down in England seem to have been royally f&cking up at the start of this season. So many major decisions they are getting completely wrong. Surely a referee should not give a decision unless they are almost 100% about it with clear view.

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It reminded me of Graham Poll's infamous performance in the World Cup. Rob Styles completely lost control of the game, gave a ridiculous penalty that never was and booked so many players he seemed to forget who was actually booked. I've no idea if he showed a second yellow to Essien or Ben Haim. Who knows. Shocking performance.

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he says he only issued a yellow to terry even though the replays show he holds the yellow up to essien who thinks thats me gone...waits for the red..then gets SWP to stand where he was and slinks off.


that 3 mins was excellent. torres gets battered in teh face by ben haim, nothing done. Terry has a go at torres for getting smacked and going down, ref cards terry and gives liverpool a freekick for dissent. yellows essien but now denys doing it


utter madness

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