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Martin Jol

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Guest LondonScottish

A real mess. I actually quite like Martin Jol, seems like a decent manager, but the behind scenes rumblings at Spurs may be a bridge too far. Unbelievable so early in the season.


Sevilla have just issued a statement to the tune of Ramos is going nowhere, but thats not going to be worth the paper its written on if Ramos does want to go.

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I really can't believe this. The greed and short sightedness of some folk is unbelievable. Jol is by far and away their best manager in recent memory.


Why give him all that money to spend if they weren't 100% behind him? I am presuming that the talks with Ramos have not just come about because Spurs lost their first two games?


I would imagine Jol would walk into another job if he were sacked. Rumours are that Holland want him to replace van Basten after the Euros next summer.



I agree. Jol has closed the gap on the big four over the last couple of seasons.


However, I was listening to 5live last night. And a lot of people in power @ clubs in the Premier league are no longer football people. Purely business people. And if they spend

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i thought the whole reason he moved to Boca was because his family were threatened. Cant see him moving anywhere in the near future



He is still a Villareal player, And they have called him back to either sell him or be a player for them in the coming season

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