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Huns in Belgrade

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Hearing they arent alllowed out their hotels!!


Hopefully a few sneak out and meet yir man off International Football factories!!! :scouser:


How can they stop them leaving their hotels? Are there polis standing guard outside each one looking for hun colours?


Hopefully a few will get ass raped though aye! Although they'd probably enjoy it.

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On a serious note, considering it could affect Aberdeen fans should the UEFA cup draw on friday not give us the greatest trip, how can UEFA talk about Rangers being fined/having parts of the ground shut etc when there are clearly clubs in Europes which such worse problems.


Interesting that if tomorrow night Belgrade fans went on the rampage and rangers fans were hurt, yet the next day UEFA could annouce the singing of the billy boys consitutes rangers being investigated, it really does make you wonder about the intelligence of the powers that be.

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Hope they lose but I doubt it. It would be nice to see Celtic get pumped oot as well.


As for some of the commments about wanting the hun fans to get ass raped. Calm down guys. That's a tad too far to wish on anyone.



You aint be watching the Football Factories, International have you? . Its a reference to one of there episodes in Serbia.

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