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Kieron Dyer

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Guest LondonScottish
How long is he out for?


Feel a bit sorry for himself, good player and lightening quick with the ball at his feet.



He's a total prick, and thick as pig-sh*t, but I still wouldn't be rolling around enjoying his demise. He's broken the Tibia and Fibia, and has gone for surgery, which will show up the full extent of the breaks. He'll be very lucky to play again this season.

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Guest glasgowdon
Are you Yoda?


I can not possibly be Yoda, Yoda was a fictional character and a fictional species in a film series.


What a silly thing to say.

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Depending on the break It'll be pinned and he'll be walking on it within 2 weeks.


You never know with these ones but he might make it back in 6-8 months.


If they're clean breaks, it'll probably count as one of the least problematic injuries he's ever suffered. I'd be more worried if he'd suffered a recurrence of his knees/hamstring.

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what makes it funny for me is not so much the schadenfreude element towards Dyer (maybe just a little bit though) but for the fact that even with such an illustrious career within the physio room at Ipswich and Newcastle, West Ham were prepared to pay so much money for him and they've got what they deserved. If it wasn't a broken leg this week it would've been hamstring or cruciate the next, was so bound to happen. It was always a massive gamble.

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