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Champions League

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I gave up on the Champions League years ago.


Same sh*t every year. It's just boring now. Uefa Cup is the way forward. :angry2:



i also gave up on it a while ago. same teams every year and the games are gettin worse (see last seasons final) a guy at work emailed me that link and i noticed it was almost the exact same teams as last year

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Guest redbrigade

They need to back to having the champion of each league (as its called the "Champions League") automatically qualifying for the tournament, no matter how poor the league is, and everybody else in a re-vamped UEFA cup. The smaller countries/leagues will never improve under the current system.

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can't see celtik being lucky enough to scam three home wins, really tough away fixture in ukraine: OUT.


hun humiliation, they should'nt get any points but might scrape a home draw, there's 1 or 2 hammering's in store: OUT.


both arsenal and liverpool have really weak groups.


groups c and g will be really tight.

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Haha.... I went through the pots earlier this afternoon and simply picked out the toughest draw possible! I knew the huns were going to get drawn in that group after I saw Barca and Lyon pulled out of the hat!


".......Der Hun..... Nil points"

Awesome, so glad they got that group and that you basically picked it out for them.


Tomorrow morning please pick us an awesome draw too please? :hysterical:

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