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Juan Rom

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a.madrid will challenge for the title this season, great signing. yeh, he has perfect style for arsenal, with the english game played at such a high tempo riquelme would easily dictate the flow of games, slowing the ball down and punishing teams. imo he's the best midfielder, his style is inimitable and in many ways like a throwback to the 70s/80s.


8 million euro, about

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Just shows you, Dont belive ph*(k all that is reported online.

Deal falls through.


Riquelme stays at Villareal.


Not happy player, Playing for a club he does not want to be at.


Back to Boca in January for sweet FA.



Villareal are not interested in using him as a player and he will sit in the stands until the transfer window re opens in January.


Such a waste.

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