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Wales v Germany

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My god, ive been subjected to some utter utter tripe over the years going to pittodrie, but trying to support that bunch of useless farts was beyond me tonight.


5 minutes, 5 MINUTES and they're 1-0 down. and anyone who watched it will know that germany didnt come out of 2nd gear all night. Schweinsteigger ripped the piss out of them all night and put in virtually no effort. How inept a display was that from likes of Koumas, Bale, Eastwood etc etc etc. Only Collins put in a decent shift and all least tried to drag the team forward, but playing a 5-4-1 at home when you need every last point aint gonna help you out really, but then who am i to tell Toshack that he got it completely wrong on the night.


Started in the VIP lounge so met a few German delegates and even got pics with Matheus Sammer which was decent. Mrs got on tv apparently looking after the anthem singer. As we were leaving we got barged out of the way by a very useless and disgrunted Gareth Bale with James Collins in hot persuit of him.


Went lookin for german players to see if we could nab one of their shirts but the kit man had everything swept up and ready to go within minutes.

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