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Awesome gesture

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Guest LondonScottish
Didn't know they had done this. Fair play. And STILL a 3-2 win with 2 goals in the last minute. Mon the Foxes! :appl:




What goes around, comes around. Fantastic. (t was the lad's first ever goal too.)

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Surprised a few of the players didn't phone a few mates before kick off and tell them to stick their money on the keeper being first goalscorer!


Infact the other side of the coin is that you'd be raging if you'd stuck money on another player to score first, or Leicester to grab first goal... Actually i reckon theeir could be a few angry punters down the bookies today asking for refunds.

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Coral and a couple of other bookies laid out on the second goal scored as the actual first goal so who ever scored the second goal was being used as the first goal scorer. Also if the players had done that they would have been lucky as most bookies don't do the keeper to be first goal scorer and i heard that one bookie who does do it was told by City and suspended betting on that market.

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