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Scotland V Ukraine

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If I didn't play football on Saturdays I reckon I'd make it to more Aberdeen games than I do.


I don't get excited when I'm at home watching Scotland on the tv, but as emotions run high when you're in the crowd, so I predict it will be different. I've never been to a Scotland game at Hampden before, so I'm looking forward to it.


Took a guy down to Hampden for the 1-1 draw with Italy a couple of years back and he was in a similiar situation.


He honestly couldnt believe the scenes in the run up to kick off ie the flags, singing etc.


A packed Hamped is the mutts nuts

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If I didn't play football on Saturdays I reckon I'd make it to more Aberdeen games than I do.


I don't get excited when I'm at home watching Scotland on the tv, but as emotions run high when you're in the crowd, so I predict it will be different. I've never been to a Scotland game at Hampden before, so I'm looking forward to it.


I've been to Scotland Egypt in 1990 or something but that was at Pittodrie, and I was too young to remember.


the games at pittodrie are nowhere near as good as the home competitive games at hampden.


the lithuania and france home matches were 2 of the best atmospheres i've seen

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Fans Rage Over Hampden Sellout

By John Ferguson

SCOTLAND fans were left fuming yesterday after ticket sales for a crucial Euro 2008 qualifier turned into a farce


Tartan Army foot soldiers queued for hours at Hampden in a desperate bid to snap up tickets for next month's crunch match against Ukraine.


But thousands were turned away empty handed as a small batch of 2500 available at the national stadium quickly sold out.


And last night, angry supporters slammed the SFA's handling of the sale, accusing them of stringing fans along and failing to communicate with them.


To make matters worse, we can also reveal that while the massive queues that stretched around Hampden dispersed, one man was able to stroll into the SECC and buy a ticket inside two minutes.


But there was further chaos as the SECC ticket hotline, on which 10,000 tickets for the game on October 13 were said to be available, went into meltdown.


Tom Smith, 45, was one of the many left disappointed at Hampden.


Tom, an IT firm owner who drove through the night from his home in Chester, said:


"I am furious. This is just confirmation the SFA don't care about the fans. I can't believe they've done this. Where are all the other thousands of tickets and why didn't they have the manners to tell people there were not enough? We are the ordinary folk who have supported the team through thick and thin. This is the way we are thanked. These people couldn't organise a p*** up in a brewery. They want the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow but they'd do a better job in Africa. I'll support Scotland until the end but the guys running the SFA are a disgrace."


Hampden has a capacity of around 52,000 and 30,000 tickets had already gone to the official Scotland Supporters' Club.


With thousands more allocated to away fans and corporate ticket holders, that left fans scrambling for 12,500 yesterday. But the SFA seem to have got the sale all wrong.


Scott White, 17, who has a kidney disease, cancelled an X-ray at Yorkhill to queue all morning with mum Elizabeth, only to be miss out. The schoolboy, of Anderston, Glasgow, said:


"I am devastated. I missed my doctor's appointment just to get a ticket and now it looks like I won't be going to the match. It's not fair."


Elizabeth added: "We got to the front and they just shut the door on our face."


Helen Cooper, 75, from Newton Mearns, Glasgow, added:


"It was a farce. I have been supporting Scotland for years and I've never seen anything like that. The SFA should explain what went wrong because this shouldn't happen."


William Brown left Cowdenbeath, Fife, with his family of four at 6am. William, 50, said:


"I am absolutely gutted. We queued from 8am and no one came and spoke to us."


An SFA spokeswoman said news of the Hampden sell-out had been put on their website. When it was pointed out that queuing fans couldn't access the internet, she said:


"It is my understanding people were going round letting people know they were selling out.She added: "We are sorry not every fan can get a ticket. It is the nature of these games, especially after two brilliant results."


However, no one told the Tartan Army that tickets were on sale over the counter at the SECC - just four miles away.


And at 3pm, one fan "chanced his arm" by turning up there and buying a ticket. Steven Service, 37, a depot supervisor from East Kilbride, said:


"I can't believe my luck. I heard on the radio tickets had sold out at Hampden and knew tickets were available over the phone at the SECC. But the number was engaged. I couldn't believe it when the security woman at the SECC told me I could buy them at the box office. I had to wait two minutes and I got four seats together. I imagine a lot of the guys who waited at Hampden will be furious."


The SFA spokeswoman said the counter sale was news to her. She said: "It must have been their decision, otherwise we would have advised the fans."


An SECC spokeswoman said: "There wasn't much of a queue but they're all sold out now."


Other fans - some who had arrived at Hampden at 9pm on Tuesday - had better luck as they secured tickets.


Policewoman Fiona Laird, 26, of Battlefield, near Hampden, and pals Susan Maxwell, 39 and Leanne Campbell, 28 brought along their own seats and were thrilled after their wait paid off. Leanne said:


"I knew there was going to be a big queue. I came round at 11pm and there were already a dozen people waiting. We love watching Scotland and go to see them whenever we can. A couple of years ago, you couldn't fill a game. Now there are massive queues like this. It shows how far we have come."


Former Scotland ladies striker Susan said: "We follow Scotland all over and there was no way we were going to miss out. The atmosphere is going to be amazing. The Hampden roar is back."


Brothers Derek Walker, 40, from Motherwell, and David, 42, from Wishaw, also got tickets for their families. David said:


"We are over the moon - it was well worth the wait. We haven't told the kids yet, we wanted to keep it as a surprise. They are going to be so excited."


Smiling students Ryan Dornan, 19, and Robbie Macvie, 20, from Ayrshire, were also among the first in line. Ryan said:


"We brought our sleeping bags but didn't sleep because the atmosphere was so good. All through the night there was loads of singing."



Daily Record and their terrible reporting again.


join the ***kin SSC if you want tickets. end of.

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