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looking to join up to the tartan army soon, never really had a problem getting tickets before, but with all the hype around euro 2008 its more and more of a gamble waiting for tickets to go on general sale also looking to get some away travel on the go as well.


Looking for some info like is there one main tartan army club? searching through the tartan army site there seem to be many regional clubs, so has anybody got any recommondations for local aberdeen clubs to join?


or any other advice?



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Just had an email from the SSC and they are only issuing ONE ticket for per SSC for the Italy game.


If any tickets are left over then they will be given to SSC members on a ballot basis.


Just had that e-mail too. I think that has always been the arrangement during this campaign, they have just changed the wording. If you look at the flier for the Italy match (they sent it out a few weeks ago) - "SSC members will be able to buy 2 tickets each for the Italy Match on a first come first served basis. If we cannot fufill 2 tickets for every member, your order will be adjusted....you will be allocated with your 1 guaranteed ticket."


Sounds like a desperate attempt to stop the opening day rush to buy the tickets, but the whole thing has been a bit of a mess. It wasn't like this in the good old days of the club, of course - you could buy as many tickets as you wanted before they went on public sale! :(

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Pretty pissed off with this. Am the only person amongst my mates who is an SSC member, so I usually bought a couple of tickets for a game and gave the spare to whoever could afford it at the time. Looks like I'm ***ked for this match now. :cry:



I usually get a couple too for mates but Im about the only SSC member. Im sure I will manage to get on one of the buses leaving Aberdeen though, if Im myself then its no hassle as you usually know someone on the bus anyway.

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