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New Scotland Away Strip

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Whats the f***ing point in it? I assumed we were wearing it tonight because the Georgia strip was blue and white but there would have been absolutely no strip clash in this fixture whatsoever if we'd worn the home kit.


And incidently, so far, Georgia may as well have played a five year old in goal for all that he's had to do!

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Agreed, it does in that pic, although it seemed more reddish in the ITV report.


Storm in a teacup. Does it matter what they wear so long as they win?!




Hello of course it does I bet the players didn't feel like they were playing for Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!



Looks pretty smart to me.


Aw please you have got to be joking

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Guest LondonScottish
We tempted fate and fate bit us on the arse.


We should have been in Blue tonight. When you're on a roll you don't go changing things.


I know it sounds daft but I reckon that ridiculous kit put the hoodoo on us.


England away kit FFS...



Why the ***k weren't we playing in blue. ***k off playing in marroon, or burgundy, or deep red or whatever colour we shouldn't have been playing in. ***k off Dia-***kimg-dora.

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