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home nations tourny

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think we'll need to settle for scotland-eire-n.ire-wales


england will be in a huff. I wouldnt be suprised if they refuse to play any of the euro 2008 teams pre tournament as a warm up match for the opposition



The English FA may refuse the home nations tournament 1. Because they are in a huff as you say and 2. Because they'd be scared sh*tless of getting a thrashing in a couple of the games...


But i think the English supporters would definitely like to have it and lets face it, the English FA is in no position to try and piss off their fans any more than they currently are!


They'll play.

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Guest LondonScottish
England were asked, but said no - before they got horsed out


maybe if they crawled on bended knee we might let them in


i note Englands next match is away to France - even the guffs must be able to get draw there



They wouldn't have agreed to it before they failed to qualify....would have been seen to be very defeatest.

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***k england,


They moan cause no-one else wants to be part of the UK olympic team, but when this chance arrises for a game they dont want to have anything to do with us.


In the UK they are in the minority, as the IFA, WFA and SFA all seem to agree.

That's a very good point. They should join us for a home international tournament, it'll recoup some of the money that they will have lost out on by not qualifying, and it will be a great chance to prove for once and for all who are the best football team in the UK.


Besides, they haven't got anything better to do. Their WAGs could go shopping in Glasgow, I hear they have some nice shops there.

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