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I don't think it's ever magic, drink being magic is just a strong delusion, brought on by drink.


Many on this board are under this delusion, and in denial about their alcoholism.


probably like most things in life, moderation would be the key.


drinking can make some people more sociable. and more likeable. and funnier. and all those good things. in moderation.


to my mind though, there's nothing magical or sociable about having people puking on themselves or having to try to deal with a drunk.

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This is the time of year for identifying the alkies.


The ones who canna wait to kick off the 'festive celebrations' - alcoholic serpents.


They are only doing what they do every other day but it's the one time they can semi justify their all consuming love of drink.

Please refrain from using serpent in your vocabulary it's starting to loose its appeal for me.

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