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No he's not. U-21 caps don;t prevent full caps for another country.


Brian Howard is Ineligable. He played in U20s Toulin tournament which is FIFA recognised tournament. He hasnt given up hope of playing for Scotland and is looking at any sort of loophole. David Weir was rested thats why he not in squad what a farce he should have retired by now.

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Barry Nich needs to be getting in that squad, also I think Lee Miller would do well at international level.



Nice one!!! :cry::laughing:

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Berra any better choice than Diamond ?


Why is David Marshall in the team ?


Graham Alexander too should be nowhere near the side


Dailly is past his sell by date as well


apart from that though ... can't se who has been left out might merit a call up




Diamond should be in ahead of Berra due to his European experience this season. at least thats what the press said when pressley was picked ahead of anderson.


David Marshall - still living off that game in Barca. seriously though its like sacotland managers are afraid to drop someone.


Alexander - gettin too old but he always seems to put in a good shift for us.


Dailly = ***.

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From the squad, I'd start with:


Craig Gordon (Sunderland)


Russell Anderson (Sunderland)

Alan Hutton (Tottenham Hotspur)

James McEveley (Derby County)

Stephen McManus (Celtic)


Scott Brown (Celtic)

Barry Ferguson (Rangers)

Darren Fletcher (Manchester United)

Lee McCulloch (Rangers)


James McFadden (Birmingham City)

Garry O

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And bet Burley doesn't have the balls to invoke the rule that they do not play at the weekend!!


to be fair to burley he is in a now in situation. if he did the above he would be slaughtered by the weegie media and there pals at the SFA. Rangers know Burley wont invoke anything and thats why they always have these mysterious injuries appearing.


i remember Hutton and Brown were injured for the Georgia game (a competetive game too) but were giving it their all for the OF game 3 days later.

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yup. like we didnt expect it.


have to say i dont agree with this pulling out when it suits themselves but i also think this was a stupid time to arrange a friendly against a side that nobody really cares about.


friendlies in general are just stupid.


Scotland have no choice on friendly dates, which are set by FIFA:




Count how many friendly dates are available before the Macedonia qualifier. Burley needs to get as much "game time" under his belt as he can before the real stuff begins, which IMO means it was essential we booked something up for Wednesday - and Croatia are as strong a side as we could have expected.

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Burley must either come out publicly and say he is letting Rangers withdraw players from teh squad or has to invoke this clause, since his job is soley to do best job possible for Scotland and not for the old firm!!


again i agree but we both know that the SFA dont even look at it this way. our game will always be dictated by the old firm unless someone at the SFA says enough is enough we dont need these *****

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Surely now with all these playes withdrawing from the squad, rangers could nopw pay one of the fixture pile up games they keep moaning about


after all if it hadnt been an international date they would have had to play this week injuries or not?


Going back to the cup game they are missing SFA ave bent over backwards and sh1t canned their own rule for rangers by playing it the weekend of the cup game as the cup rules state that the cup has priority over the league hence there are THREE dates to play the replay

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