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Guest LondonScottish

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Guest LondonScottish

Hi, I'm LondonScottish.


I'm Scottish and live in London, surprisingly enough, but originally from Aberdeen.


Supported Aberdeen since the 70's, and had a South Stand season ticket for a good few years.


Don't get to loads of games these days (my armchair is far too comfy), although I regularly pop along to the RobRoy.....home to London's premier (and only) Aberdeen supporters club.

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Vanderark14 here, 26 years old from the Broch.


Supported the dandies for around 22 years.


i never work, i just post on here. I get married 4 weeks on saturday which is the day we play the huns :laughing: . At least i'll get most of the game on TV.


I love mince pies. I hate Bebo and feminists.

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OneZanderDiamond, 21 years old from Turriff but I've lived in Edinburgh for the last 4 years as a student.


Staying on for another year as a tax-dodger which will mean plenty more time to post on here.


Been a Dons fan ever since my first game in '94 and had a season ticket since '99 apart from my first 6 months at uni. Turns out there were buses to every game so I probably only missed about 3 or 4 anyway.


Go to every Dons game I can manage and my ambition this season is to go to every single game.


I love cheese and I hate vegetables.

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Hello I'm Glas_don. Im 27 Male and sorry ladies i am engaged due to get married Feb 28th 2009.


originally from Thurso now living in Cambuslang after living in Madrid for a few years.


Due to work commitments i go up to Aberdeen as much as i can but you will see me at all the away games down in the central belt.


I'll be getting made redundant soon so maybe a season ticket won't be out of the question.



I like golf, corned beef and cheesy wotsits


I hate unneccessary noise and my next door neighbour

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My name is E-P-K and i come fae Buckie,


30 year old,Male, Working in Norway drilling holes in the seabed for a living.


Been a South stand regular for as long as i can remember.


Not married but do have a full time Cohabitat and of course El Diablo , The devil boy who is in his 2s.


Like nothing more than having a night out with the lads.

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Good Aftermorning,


I'm Jamesy and I'm 23. Been a dandy since birth and had a main stand season ticket from about 4 years old until 9. Had season tickets in the south stand sporadically since I was 15 but now I live in London and will be planning on many many visits to the Rob Roy in the near future...


I'm in 'worldwide artist representation' officially, which basically means I manage bands. I used to run all the music at Moshulu and a load at The Tunnels until October last year.


I like fitba, poker, music (sometimes) and an good book/film.

I don't like London air, mushrooms or Neil Lennon - He's a twat. I have a massive dislike for Darren Mackie and Ricky Foster.

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Hi im LewisReds1983 for regulars on here i used to have a older account (LewisReds1994) but got banned for typing like this : Hi I Am Lewis And I Support Aberdeen. :angry11:


Season ticket holder in South Stand beside the fence a good laugh and i go to most aways with Inverurie Branch and now quite recently Gothenburg Reds.


I like Internet , Bebo , Djing and Food and Drink.


I despise Mackie , Glory Hunters and Vegetables. :hysterical:

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I'm Jaws, 27 and lived in Aberdeen all my life. I have no idea why my username is Jaws as i don't have big teeth and i'm not ugly. :hysterical:


I go to every home game i can and the occasional away game. I don't own a season ticket as it's cheaper for me to get tickets through work (a tenner).


Unfortunately i don't have the time to sit on AFC-Chat all day at work like some of our regular posters so i'm usually on in the evenings.


Like a few beers with the lads although Aberdeen's crap for a night out.

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Hi I am King street loon. And surprisingly I live in King Street. I'm 29 almost 30 this November.


I go offshore to work,but have it fairly easy out here.


I've been a season ticket holder since 1992. Started in the Merkland road end,but can now be found in the RDS upper section with my GF,her son and her Bro. Can also usually be found in the Pittodrie Bar before and after the game.


I enjoy sitting in the pub watching football,fine foreign lagers,walkers bacon fries,not going to the gym,Starwars and many other things but can't be arsed telling anymore.


Dislikes include kids wearing tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks,kids wearing hoodies and generally most huns,as they are so far up their arses it's unreal!!


Pleased to meet you all. :hysterical:

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Good evening gentleman (are there any ladies on board?),


My name is Stuart I am 24, born and raised in Aberdeen worked in the hospitality trade since 18, in various clubs, pubs and restaurants in both aberden and edinburgh. Now working as an events manager at a castle in the borders called Wedderburn.


Dons fan since birth, season ticket holder from 1990 - 2005, try to attend all games possible home and away but work makes it tough. pretty new to this forum business but enjoying it


I like jamie smith & lee miller up front, the phoenix pub in edinburgh and guiness


I dislike weegies, hearts fans and emmerdale

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Guest SS RED

I am SS RED, 19 nearly 20 years old, been a dons fan since birth had a season ticket(half season ticket) for about 15 years now.


Hate huns and tims from Aberdeen, like Madness.

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I am Kincorth_Rules (very young, naive and idiotic of me to pick this for a username over at Donstalk, but then decided to take the same name over here, really wish I could change it, but it's a bit too late now maybe.) I am 17 going on 18.


Recieved my first season ticket in the Merkland stand when I was 12... went to all the games by myself as my friends either didn't go to games or are fans of another team. I still sit in the same seat in the same stand.


Due to work committments I was going to pass buying a season ticket this year, but gave in to the urge. I will most likely miss a good few games, but if I get to atleast 9 it will have made buying a season ticket worth it.

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32 year old caucasian male last spotted in the central belt just outside of Stirling. Previous whereabouts believed to be Arbroath & Edinburgh (uni).


Currently working in the IT sector programming thon computers.


Dons fan since birth, ST holder of 4 years. RDS upper (center left). Go to most games, home and away. Its an addiction.


Likes golf, football, pro evo, moaning about Huns & fudge dough-nuts.


Dislikes golf, football, pro evo, Huns & Caley pies.

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I'm Jocky Balboa. I am 28 yrs old, newly single and originally from Aberdeen, where I lived until moving to Weegieland to study at uni (I know, but I learned my lesson!). I have been living in Manchester for a few yrs now (although probably not for much longer, as the Northern Lights beckon me home, lol).


My screen name is corny, of that I am aware, but it is my nickname. As a few Sassenach friends have pointed out to me at various times, the resemblances to Stallone's greatest (or 2nd greatest, depending on your standpoint) character are uncanny, which brings me to my brief (but seemingly obligatory) description.


I'm a (kick)boxer. I'm left-handed. Black is my favourite colour. I talk funny (according to Sassenachs, all Jocks do). However, I DO NOT have a girlfriend called Adrian, a dog called Butkus, or a dodgy eye. Dunno about the brain damage though, judging by some of my posts. lol


Stand free!



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I'm NorthernLights24. I'm 23 years old, born in Aberdeen but raised in the middle of Deeside for most of my life. Been living in Aberdeen since I started uni back in 2003. Finished uni last year and got an honours degree in computing from RGU. Currently working for an IT company based in the Bridge of Don doing support and development work for a number of oil and gas sites in the UK and Algeria.


Been a Dons fan since 1994 and first game was against Hearts at the start of the 1994/95. Been a a season ticket holder since 2000/01 and my ticket is currently for the RDS upper deck. Only ever seen us win one trophy, the 1995 League Cup, I can still remember watching the game on the TV and also standing above the crossing between the Bon Accord Centre and St Nicholas Centre watching the team bus go by with the cup in the pouring rain. When will we see the likes again? :itch-chin:

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I'm me.

Born young but now older.

Section X in the south stand, surrounded by uglies but they are good people.

Married. My wife doesn't understand me.Neither does my psychiatrist.

3 "children" 25, 23 and 19.

And last saturday i acquired a lovely daughter in law.

I'm old enough to have great memories of the trophy laden 80's and

feel for the younger fans who missed out.

Never mind, there's always next season.

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hi. neil here. 28 years old. aberdonian through and through.


supported the dandies since i could understand what football was.


season ticket holder in the south stand.


work for the bobbies.


living with my partner of 6 years. no plans for marriage yet. she doesnt like footie!


you canna miss me. im big, fat and have a number 8 on my back (my number from when i played for the school etc)

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Teuchter in Inverurie, 38 years young, former Sooth Stand regular bawlin and shoutin at Chic Charnley / Willie Johnstone amongst ithers :thumbup1: , now up in I Gods in the RDS.


Hate- taxi drivers, gangs, cliques, anything Hunnish, bad manners(the practice not the group smart arse!), over zealous stewards/coppers at the fitba, Eastenders, Stonehaven, Westhill, :dontknow:, Censorship........... that'll dae for now.


Love, The Dons, vino, orange, tanning, Dunfermline, fine days, realism, family, hols, good looking blokes :wave: , tractors, sheep and coos.

If wer'e playin 5 a side, can I play in goal?

Love you all, well some o u anyway. xxx

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Im Paddy, 22 from Aberdeen (I'm Scottish not Irish!) and been a Dons fan for aslong as I can remember.


I have recently graduated from Heriot-Watt Univeristy in Edinburgh, which meant I missed a great deal of home matches for the past 4 years, but have made up for it by buying a season ticket for this season.

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I'm Tord, 24 years young. Originally from the north east but studied in glasgow for four years doing finance type stuff. Now back up in Aberdeen working in oil and gas industry doing finance type stuff.


Been to every home game since moved back up here but haven't got along to as many aways as would like (apart from the european games). Hopefully get along to more aways this year.


I like football, vodka and sleeping.

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Hi am Virgin Don 29 years old, Born in Aberdeen left 5 years ago to work in a dead end job in Edinburgh. :thumbup1:

Being a dons fan is in the blood. Went to my first game when i was 4 or 5 got photo with Rougvie made my day.

Go to as much games as possible with the Globe Reds.

I used to play for Aberdeen Ladies until i got a really bad injury. So just have to put up with watching it now.

Interests are most sports but football in genaral, socialising with mates and spending time with my family.


SIMPLY hate Rangers and Junkies!! :dontknow:

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Hi, name's Cloudy (well that's what most folk know me as) originally from the isle of lewis, work offshore so been able to move around a bit. settled in Edinburgh now & get to as many games as my work allows (the offshore season ticket is a great thing from my point of veiw) I'm 32 going on 13


Been a dons fan since i could gurgle, happy to say it was forced on me since birth & i didn't become (like most others from lewis) one of the old smelly firm.


having a 10 game season ticket means i can sit all over todders, so i sometimes hide in DD when the weather's gonna b shoite & SS when the weather's ok or i'm needing a quick get away, although the SS is getting dangerous (WTF) the scurries at the Man u game, is the worst i've seen there yet (thank frigg i had a hood is all i can say) alot of folk got it that day :dance::hysterical:

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