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Clubfoot To Start

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Guest the shepherd
Michael Harts better than both those donkeys.

Very good point but even though Michael Hart is playing week in, week out for a team pushing for promotion to the English Premiership and by all accounts is playing very well all of us dandies know why is not being recognised for a call up to the national sqaud because of the fact that he played for us before leaving for Preston. We all know he is a far better player than Clubfoot will ever be but on the same token we all know why Clubfoot is away to get his first cap for Scotland. Mmm I wonder............. :ThumbsDown: I thought the best available players were to be chosen to represent their crespective countries but obviously not. :angry2:

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From Northsound: "Likely starting XI: Gordon, Broadfoot, Caldwell, McManus, Naysmith, Commons, Fletcher, Brown, Robson, Maloney, McFadden."


Notice it says likely... not confirmation at all!

Post 33 minutes before and even in same one as the link:


but not exactly confirmation
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Gordon, Broadfoot, Caldwell, McManus, Naysmith, Robson, Fletcher, Brown, Commons, Maloney, McFadden



Chick Young is claiming we are going 433


S-H-I-T thats 2 LB playing and one is a donkey So pissed off that that clown can get a game. Will still be supporting them but surely there is better players out there than him. :hysterical:

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