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Premier League Darts


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Does anyone need 2 tickets for this in Aberdeen. got two table seats in hand. if you want e-mail me with your offer - chrisjauton@hotmail.com. Mate got my tickets, so selling mine.

are the table seats anywhere near the front. what price you looking for. already gt 3 in table seats but wouldnt mind being nearer the board

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Guest the shepherd
Anyone been to the darts at AECC?

Tickets went on sale this week and really fancy going this year with my pals. Wanted a floor table but they all sold out, is it still decent sitting round the sides?

Poor venue in my opinion. I was there in 2007 and could not get into it due to being far away from where the players where at. There are screens to look at to help you but you might as well stay at home if you have to rely on the screens.

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