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Jimmy's Album

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1. Every Loser Wins - Nick Berry

2. Don't You Want Me - Human League

3. Do You Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart

4. NOFX - Sloppy English

5. Glasgow Rangers- Follow Follow

6. Miguel Rios - Mackie El Navaja

7. Lost in Reality - Losing Ground

8. Jewel- I won't walk away

9. Sheryl Crowe - On Borrowed Time

10. Faith Hill- I can't do that anymore

11. Adrian Blew - Postcard from Holland

12. John Denver - Leaving on a jet plane

13. American Hi-fi - The Art of Losing

14. Chumbawumba- We want beans not goals

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Leave before the lights come on- Arctic Monkeys

I know there's an answer- Beach Boys

You Bring Me down- Blood red shoes

Had Enough- The Enemy

It's Not Ok- The Enemy

What a waster- the libs

Don't quote me that- Madness

Recycled air- The Postal service (works well because all he does is recycle air)

The Kids don't stand a chance- Vampire weekend (to do with hsi youth policy)

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