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That's good news...last reports were that Malcolm Young wouldn't be able to play again after his illness/stroke.

Aye, nae looking good for the poor gadgie!


“Rock or Bust” is the first AC/DC album in the band’s 41 year history without founding member Malcolm Young on the recordings. Earlier this year AC/DC released a statement explaining that due to illness, Malcolm would be taking a break from the band. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Malcolm’s condition, he will not be returning to the band. AC/DC will undertake a world tour in support of ‘Rock or Bust’ in 2015. Stevie Young, nephew of founding members Angus and Malcolm Young, plays rhythm guitar on 'Rock or Bust' and will accompany the band on tour.

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Any pics from your last AC/DC sojourn ?

I heard you lot raided the Hogwarts dressing up box


No pics I'm afraid, we have a rule whatever happens on tour stays on tour, I can reveal though that a certain member of this site did a mock stage dive off the furniture of the hotel room and somersaulted onto the bed where the momentum carried his size 9 feet through the plaster board and into the bathroom. I shall withhold his name though to protect the innocent.

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