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Fanny snort

Bumhole snort


I like the sound of the trip you had.


There's always a tale to be told :)


What if she farted and mushroom-clouded the room afore you had a snort ?


Wimpy straw at ready Exhale all air out of lungs (away from Mushroom cloud) stick wimpy straw up favoured Nostril. and aim at cloud, Inhale like a motherfucker.


Job done :)

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Mind we got pulled up for drinking in the street near Hampden? A young WPC demanded that we pour out our drinks. Winters' brither just stared right into her soul and downed the remains of his bottle of cider about 2 feet from her face. She wisna impressed like. It's a miracle no-one had their cock out at that stage.

No the cocks cam out later that evening though if I remember right.


A certain person sitting on the chair in my room with no punts or trousers on singing highway to hell and doing actions


Roll on June

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