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Englands World Cup Bid

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Riverside stadium?

NAe big enough. They do have permission by the council to add 7000 seats if the demand is there. Nae sure what this would bring it to. Besides yyou really would not want people going to boro for a world cup. Its a chemical plant with houses surrounding it.


EDIT: just looked at jaws list and it would bring it too 42000 ish. Not sure if the council would let them build due to it not being used after the world cup.

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Hillsborurgh needs a lot of work


if they want Eastlands, they'll have to drop old trafford.


pretty sure it's 40,000 for World cups and 30-35000 for European championships.


plus needs press, facillities and infrastructure in every city.

Isn't it two per city though?


EDIT: Just read your original post again.

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England haven't had it for 40 odd years. They have one of the best leagues in the World and some of Europe's best stadia. Excellent transport system, and enough accommodation. Euro 96 went off without a hitch.

I really don't see where the problem lies.

As BC says, the big 4 aren't in this. Most fans of those clubs are proud of the fact they pay no attention to the national team. That's how "passionate" they are about England.


Possibly the least knowledgeable football fans in the world. Neutral games, aye right.


There's also the inante dodgieness with the English, will they try to play all their games at Wembley like last time?


And of course, the only time in their history, that they've even come close to winning or have won was at home, and at home again for Euro96. Do we really want to risk it?

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