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Top Ten Tv Progs Of All Time

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Guest SS RED

Only Fools and Horses


The Wire



Match of the Day

Top of the Pops

King of Queens

The office



Just how I feel at this very second.





EDIT: How could I forget, Have I got News For You, we can chuck out king of queens.

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no particular order


The Simpsons

The Wire


Only Fools and Horses

Soccer Am ( Lovejoy years)


Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Family Guy

Band of Brothers

The Office




The Simpsons


Top Gear


Have I Got News For You

Still Game

Match of the Day

Dad's Army

The World at War



i forgot all about those 2.


PS Nespa soccer AM was shyte and Lovejoy was c**t

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  • Admin
In no partic...


The Sopranos

Dallas - agree with you here fs - hated every single one of your other selections (although family guy is ok for 5 minutes)

Spitting Image

The Wire

Twin Peaks - no-one else pick this? Muppets.

The Tube

Have I Got News For You


The Comic Strip




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Guest SS RED
1. 24

2. Only Fools & Horses

3. Entourage

4. Prison Break (Season 1)

5. The Shield

6. Band of Brothers

7. How I Met Your Mother

8. Heroes

9. Dexter

10. Still Game


I presume The Wire will be in there when i give it the full attention it deserves!


Twa great shouts.

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I dunno how to download movies but I def want to see that again. As Atmospheric as only Lynch can do, and always interestingly fascinating. Usually hinna got a scoobie fits gaan oan like.


Re your flatmate, why? Did she make good fruit pancakes with citrus and sucre and had a tattoo on her forehead declaring this, or was she a permaclown guaranteed to mak ye laff?


Will post a CD/DVD up to you.

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hmm this is a hard one so im going to break the rules and list more than 10 as i cant decide what to leave out and other programs keep popping into my head:


Hi, Im Alan Partridge

The Office

Only Fools and Horses

Band if Brothers

Father Ted

Peep Show

South Park


Top Gear

Dragons Den

The Apprentice

Men Behaving Badly



Have i got news for you



Royle Family

Mighty Boosh


Fawlty towers


going back to the childhood, i remember loving:

Chuckle Brothers

Mr Bean

Fun House

Bernards Watch

Demon Headmaster

Art Attack

Hey Arnold

How 2

dennis the menace


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Can all be undone very quickly if she had unfortunate personal hygiene and her fanny stunk o fush. Less than 10% chance of this in my experience but a factor that is absolutely crucial in ringing the absolute final endorsement. Would prefer she just to stick to making crepes is that was the case. Even then, she would have to guarantee to clean her hands before and not rearrange her underwear during the pancake-making process.


Classic. Fit the f**k hiv you been smokin'/drinkin' the night, min? I want some.

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