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Pet Hates


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Might as well get the ball rolling seeing as the old one is now deceased!


1) Drivers who don't move over to the other lane, when it's free, when you are trying to get out of a slip road

2) The Gym during January and Febuary when all the "New Years Resolution" folk swarm to the gym and WALK on the treadmills for half an hour, meaning you don't get on sod all for ages. It soon calms down by March though.

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woman that support the huns....gadz

A Hun... Gadz!


People who can't use union square car park. Usually women in their hubbys range rovers that never usually drive. Going up and down no entrys willy nilly. You toot and flash and they look at you as if you just whapped out your cock and pissed on her car! IDIOTS!

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A Hun... Gadz!


People who can't use union square car park. Usually women in their hubbys range rovers that never usually drive. Going up and down no entrys willy nilly. You toot and flash and they look at you as if you just whapped out your cock and pissed on her car! IDIOTS!


:hysterical: Quality, I must remember that one to use in a conversation sometime.


People at the gym who don't strip bar-bells once they're finished. Also folk doin bicep curls wi the olympic bars in the squat rack. Worst of all, the chodes who don't put weights back once they're done, so you have to hunt high and low for plates. Especially annoying if you have for example 15Kg on one side of a bar, and have to cobble together 15Kg out of 5's and 2.5'5 for the other side, cos the other 15's been commandeered for use by some dick.


Also folk who fart on buses, Protip: dinna move around trying to make the leather squeak, smells never lie

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I've seen that boy in the weights room on Saturdays, he takes centuries between sets too! Mind you, he might be going for his one rep max, and the belt's probably for supporting his back.

Yeah but the belt just tricks you in to thinking you can lift heavy, I got asked once if I wanted to wear it for squats and the plan was to double the weight I had been doing before, false sense of security more or less so I have avoided it.


Other pet hate in the gym is the folk in the abs and power plate area that just take up far too much room then have the cheek to give me dirty looks when I start swing my 32kg kettlebell.

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Folk in the weights room who take a pile o dumbbells in a wee stack and work very slowly through all the weights, and then get needlessly irate when you ask for some of the ones nae in use at the moment.

Dickhead drivers that SPEED UP when you're trying to cross the road then toot at you/ give you a stare as if you've just shat on their bonnet.

Zander still being at AFC. Although Trifil's departure is welcome

Scummy beggars that sit beside cash machines and demand spare change fae ye. How in the name of f**k am I supposed to have change if I just got notes out o the machine?

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Pet hates


Women drivers


Old drivers


Coppers who think their costume makes them intimidating


People with no sense of humour


People who don't drink. f**king weirdos. Tak a drink.


People who make a point of telling you they don't own a telly... f**king weirdos. Get a telly.


Service staff who think they're posh because they work at an upscale restaurant. You're a waiter/waitress, get me my f**king beer... and don't look down your nose at me because I want chips, you f**king waiter. Get f**king waitering and less o yer sh*te.


Women who park their shopping basket in the middle of the aisle of the supermarket. Shift yer stupid whore basket.


People who are deliberately obstructive or unhelpful. Help me or get oot my road, c**t.


Passive aggressive pricks. Be passive aggressive to me and I'll rape you with my clever words. And my cock.


People who give their hoose a name. Dunroamin' my arse, yer number 53 you pretentious dicksockets.


People who revel in minkery.


Religious people who get religious in my company. f**k off wi yer religion.


People who send pictures of their kids to me at Christmas in lieu of a proper card wi snamannies. "Here's ma kids, look." Fakkaff


People who do a family newsletter and send it to me at Christmas. I swear to christ.... get tae f**k.


Family get togethers with more than one Arab there. Mo drama. Mo drama. Settle doon, Arabs.


People who go to the trouble of telling me they have a problem with me like I'm supposed to give a flying f**k what they think. You think you're so important that I'm going to modify my behaviour/personality to suit your needs? Awa and suck my arse.






Preppy f**kers.


People who tell you their country is the 'Best in the world'. Unless they're Dutch they're talking pash.


Eartha Kitt as Catwoman.

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Tae be a bittie mair enlightened aboot it , efter a' , it's only yersel' yer irritating , try turning these 'pet hate' negative experiences into something , if not positive , less negative.


Tae be neutral aboot it is probably the coolest route.


To the Supreme Being( you ! ) , nothing is intolerable.





Y'follow ?







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Himmin.....Radiohead are f**king awesome!!


People who are unhelpful, but also people who are far too friendly for their own good! Start chatting to you in a queue, or your on a training course and they sit next to you and tell you about their incredibly dull life. f**k OFF....if i was interested in ANYTHING about you, i'd have engaged in conversation myself!!!


Also....c**ts who see you struggle to do something first time, so they proceed to come over and show you and tell you what you are doing wrong!!!!!!!! fair enough if you were struggling for ages!


Phew...weight off my shoulders there!

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