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Folk that whine on about how Aberdeen is inferior to the Central Belt in every way, worst culprits are either spoilt wee c**ts that had their mummy and daddy fund their entire life, pretentious middle class w*nkers, or Weegies that have moved up here to escape the Strathclyde nightmare.


Bus drivers that like to ignore folk that run for the bus, especially if it's raining, sadistic c**ts!


Folk at work that steal all the cutlery out of the canteen, leaving everyone else with teaspoons to eat their lunches with! I put a full set o cheap stuff in about 3 months ago for abidy to use:knives, spoons, forks. All gone inside of a month. Unbelievable.

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Supermarket self service checkouts, especailly the ones in Morrisons, Inverurie, get to f**k - I know that I have to put the thing in the bag, don't tell me every bloody time!!


Those Dettol electronic soap dispensers, really, what is the point? Who is guillable enough to buy these contraptions?


So what if germs build up on the nozzle of an ordinary pump dispenser and get on to my hands, I'm away to feckin wash them anyway!

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Interracial relationships, just weird.


I'm in one, people who don't like it pet hate #1.


Nah but really* hate being at a gig and people keep moving from the back to the front. soapbox.gif


Also hate dealing with women at work, they can make ANYTHING complicated and a emotional rollercoster (maybe they should be forced to wear a red arm band when on the blob?).


Closed small minded people... with opinions, sometimes just can't hand handle the fact that they know f**k all yet try tell me things as if it's news when it's akin to saying water is wet, always with this smug f**king look on their gormless face! Darwin you lying f**k why are they here? angry2.gif


EDit: I am but hope you're joking.

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