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haha, ive had a reply from my slating of diouf to my hun mate on facebook.


in their conversation is a back and forth between rangers and celtic fans.


i pipped up with "signing players like diouf is exactly why the rest of the spl hates rangers"


one of his mates had dived to defend diouf saying


Unlike the saints Di Canio, Lennon, Sutton etc.. :S


Diouf is a scumbag but a delightful addition to our squad. Hope his mouths still full of saliva! :D


love how its assumed that because im not a rangers fan, i must be a celtic one

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It's a never ending cycle of c**ts!



Durrant and B.Ferguson to that list.



John Brown

Terry Hurlock

Ian Ferguson


the list is endless............



How could I forget Ian and Barry Ferguson!!


Oh and Oddjob....your sig picture is very very distracting!!! Many minutes have been spent just stopping and staring at that picture!!!



Nobody remembering Muscat in this Ilumni?


Canny believe Fernando Ricksen hasn't gotten a mention on this list.


And Souness.

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Biggest C...t in SPL now and Dogs abuse awaits. Prick

He doesn't surpass Kyle Lafferty or Lee McCulloch for the biggest c**t at Rangers yet, both because they have done countless scummy things against Aberdeen and Scottish football in general.


Would surprise me if he does manage to join the group of elite c**ts in the next 4 months though.

Aye, I realise he's nae popular, but calm the rhetoric doon. How soon some people forget when they start oot on a rant.



An utter f**king tink who'll soon play for the tinkiest club in the world, joining more utter tinks like Lafferty and McCulloch.


I'd understand it if he was any good, but I've seen f**k all worthwhile from him in years.

Didn't watch much of him at Blackburn, but while he was a highly unpopular signing for Bolton, he very very quickly won the fans over, and Anelka apart was a cut above every other player on the pitch by the time he left. His celebration after the second goal in three minutes at Newcastle was probably his most memorable moment though, overshadowing anything he ever did on the pitch.


Boy is nae nearly as bad as has been painted, he's had a couple of highly publicised and disgraceful incidents, and used to be a terrible diver, but having watched him from the stands for a couple of years, I find him very hard to dislike.

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Don't think anyone's disagreeing he' a fantastic talent but he gobbed on another player, never mind the tim, another player, makes him a total c**t to me but Lafferty is still worse to me.

ken min, but that's what I mean about a couple of very highly publicised incidents. Apparently he does a lot of work for charity and loves women and children :laughing:

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Brown being one of the biggest tinks in Scottish football, that's not much to love is it?


Big difference between Brown and the likes of Diouf and Lafferty!


Brown is a player that will go in hard and fair, granted he's there to wind up players and fans but Diouf and Lafferty are dirty cheating tinks!


How you can compare them is baffling!

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