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The Abmad Refugees


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Fit like buck and GLA lads? Mad has nae been the same withoot ye's. i'm still on it but i dinna use the same username as i do here.


F'like min, cheers min. I've just been having the odd look when i'm away and it's pish now. There was a couple of new posters which livened things up a wee bit......but they got mysteriously banned aswell!!


I wonder who they were?

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I have no idea what's happened at mad but it's all quite simple really. Firstly, there is no webchatspeak "rivalry" and no demarcation lines between fellow AFC. Secondly, behave on here like you would in a pub, preferably before the first half dozen pints. If some idiot is spikkin pisch, out him. Be honest to yourself and everything will work out just dandy. Unlike there - run by a ging er who never goes to games - there are no cliques and anything can be said. Milne's a c.unt. Milne's a top bloke. See? Enjoy. More the merrier.

Anyone else fancy having this as the official site rules?

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