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Our Motm V Dunfermline ?

Our MOTM V Dunfermline ?  

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  1. 1. MOTM V Dunfermline ?

    • Langfield
    • McArdle
    • Smith
    • Diamond
    • Vujadinovic
    • Jack
    • Milsom
    • Hartley
    • Young (sub)
    • Pawlett (sub)
    • Balckman
    • Maguire
    • Vernon
    • Magennis (sub)

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Magennis for me totally changed the game for us and gave us a much needed wide outlet, if maguire played the whole game like he did the last 20 mins he would have been an easy choice fantastic cross for the goal left the keeper no choice but to do something.


Ironically enough maguire only started playing after he should have been sent off, he really is a brain dead f**ktard sometimes/


Dek Young played really well but doubt he will get any credit for it.


Want to see more of Magennis

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