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Facebook, twitter, bebo et al, all shyte.



I've heard girls in the sandwich van queue at my work say more than once; that was a good laugh on facebook last night!! ffs why not meet up and have a drink.




Off 2 the t/let, b bck l8tr.


kids to look after, distance between their houses, too knackered to leave the hoose after a days work, can't be arsed getting dolled up to go oot. easier just to switch on a laptop and pour a nice glass of rose.

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I like it! Some brilliant banter from the likes of Robbie savage, rio Ferdinand and even sone aluko! Good to speak 2 ur mates on aswell!

Phone them or even better, go meet them for a natter. I had a Bebo thing 'cause my wife and loon set it up but I was NEVER on it.

I do not have facebook and I have never twitted, or tweeted or twatever the f**k it is and never will.

Tomorrows generation will have no social skills because of this bullshit

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http://twitter.com/PaddyMcCourt20 :hysterical:


It's all kicked off in the McCourt household. Mrs found my #celtic calendar under the bed and wants to know why Sammi's page is laminated!


Rio Ferdinand givin away a car for reaching 1 mil followers? I'll give somebody a backie on my bike when I hit 10,000 #ThatsHowIRoll #Celtic


Make sure you tune in to The Scheme tonight folks, another chance to see Laugherty's maw being rode like a Blackpool donkey! #celtic


Amazed Vladimir Weiss found time to tweet 2night. Usually he is knuckle deep in his boyfriend's arsehole on Saturday nights #celtic #rangers


Don't know why everyone was so gripped by the snooker. John Higgins told me what the score would be last week. #celtic #easymoney


These SPL awards are boring, wish the would just give Charlie Mulgrew his 'father of the year' award so I can get home. #celtic


f**kin' mortified looking and Mastorvic and Maloney standing together in suits, it's Big Arnie and DeVito all over again. #celtic #twins


@Basher1984 -I'm actually in charge tonight mate. The old man is out shagging the Son and the Holy Ghost so I've got an empty.

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