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Bernard was an excellent player, we never got value for money was the real issue with him.


I'll never forget the last time we truly lorded it over the Huns, Jess and Bernard absolutely dominating their midfield at Hampden, culminating in keepie uppies at the corner flag.


Good player, just not worth the million pounds (staggering when you consider us now) he cost us in the long run.


the only game he did dominate in an Aberdeen jersey, imo terrible passer of a ball, slow, and for 1 million quid...a shocking piece of business

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Kombouare my Lord Kombouare,

Kombouare my Lord Kombouare,

Kombouare my Lord Kombouare,

Ohhhhh Lord, Kombouare.


For this song and the fact he used to try and play fitba our own 6 yarder (something rarely seen in Scotland) I liked him.


I like him too but the playing the ball out of the box didn't always work and scared the bejeezuz out of me every time.


The odd glimpse of real class but could never manage it for a full game, I guess that's what happens when you have had class but old father time, (Kombuares slightly older brother) catches up with you. Highly frustrating becuase clearly once was good but by the time he arrived at Pittodrie was too old and as a result sadly too poor.

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