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I watched their party political shmodshamsht last night. Very odd, there was a reverend on as well, dog collar the lot, shady!


I a saw that sh*te too, i never usually watch party political broadcasts, but I left it on for a laugh because i knew i'd get a laugh.


Nick Griffin - "I bought these canoes to keep kids of the street"



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Anyone read the flyer through the door. Looks better than most of the other parties sh*te.

Said that the last time around. Take the logo off and nobody would guess what party it was.


However the last time around i read the leaflets and they were all just covered in empty promises from all the parties, the lib dems in particular breaking all their pledges just to get into office.


Liars the whole lot of them and this time around leaflets straight in bin.

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Take the logo off and nobody would guess what party it was.


Probably true of Labour and Conservative, they're two arseholes on the same arsehole monster.


5 minutes of reading the BNP's manifesto and you would KNOW it was the BNP manifesto you were reading without a doubt, regardles of whether someone had removed the letters NF or BNP, or whatever the racists call themselves this week.


I just had a quick look at some of their policies.


I can't imagine ever being so downright f**king stupid that the BNP/NF would ever seem like anything less than racist sh*t for idiots.


Not unless I got in a really bad car accident and my head wen't through the windscreen and into a lamppost at 80mph, and while I was being operated on they had to remove half my brain, and while that was happening Jesus came down and said to me, "Hey, half a heid, I want you to be a racist f**ktard and support the BNP."


Maybe then I might... but the brain damage would have to be pretty f**king extensive, like.


I'm talking Terri Schiavo brain damaged.

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Did you see the guy in Carlisle who got 70 days for burning the Koran (Qu'oran....cra'yon....Q'uorn?? sp??)......he got another 30 days on top for stealing the book from a library :laughing: What a f**king tit :laughing:


I hope it was a cook book, anyone who has trouble cooking meat substitute, especially burning it needs cooking lessons.

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Is there a party which has a manifesto of actively targeting fat people?


I'm in, if so.


If not, how exactly do you go about starting a political party, I can feel myself getting mobilised.


I canna see legions of bloaters having the motivation to protest so it should be a fairly comprehensive rout once we get started on them, jobs too for the rest of us, building holding camps to temporarily house bloaters, 100% effort required to shift the flab in these places, no messing around, monthly inspections, three strikes and you're out.


Any by 'out', I mean 'shot'. To death.

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Anyone who sponges off the governement whether they are black, white, yellow, green or English should be kicked out of the country! Why should we pay for others to sit around and live a life of luxury?

Think this may be a bigger issue than my OP. One of the girls in my college class' ambition was to live off benefits. OK it might end up happening through a series of unfortunate circumstances but for that to be someone's highest hopes for their life literally sickened me. These are just some of the issues that need sorted out. We're a mess of a nanny state and it needs changed.

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