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I won a trip to New York to see the World Cup, well to see Ireland v Norway!


All expenses, 4 days in a Times Square hotel with a mate.


Was through Guiness, I finished the caption on a beermat I picked up..... The Republic of Ireland are a team of pure genius because...........I said......they're cool smooth and keep their head under pressure.




EDIT; Also won two tickets for Scotland Morrocco in France 98 from the EE, was front page of the paper with a big picture! :cool:

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Won the latest Hendrix CD Valleys of Neptune or whatever it was called, one of the ones filled with random bits of recording from when he was alive, off Classic Rock. Think if I remember correctly you just filled out a standard name and address form online and then I forgot about it until a copy turned up in the post.

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Won a fitba signed by the Aberdeen team, played fitba wi it and the names rubbed off.


Thick b*stard.


Won a poetry competition once, for a really, really, bad poem what I wrote.


Entered an Evening Express competition to win a Peter Powell Stunt Kite when I was a wee laddie. Still waiting to find out if I won that.

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I won a 32" plasma TV, satellite receiver, installation and free films and sport for a year from mediamarkt. Went in to get Ziggo set up (Dutch Sky), bird at the stand wouldnt let me buy it, said to enter the comp for the package instead. I said I never win anything, she said my luck might change ;) and it did.

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won a pair of tickets to the Track Cycling World Cup in Manchester a couple of years ago, along with a camera from Canon. Unfortunately Canon called me on the Thursday afternoon at about half 4, and the tickets were for the Friday session that started at 9am. Got the camera and told them to pass the tickets onto someone else.


Also won a solar powered calculator from a Commodore 64 magazine when I was a lad, but it got mashed in the post and was broken on arrival. I was not a happy laddie.

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Recently won a Magners League competion - tour round Murrayfield with Ross Ford, kicking masterclass with David Ford and, then, after winning the kicking competition, got to kick at goal on the pitch at MF at half time in an Edinburgh game (but I'll not mention how that went :poster_oops: )

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