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In todays climate GBP 100,000 is a hell of a lot of money.


I wonder where the Tommy Wright transfer stacks-up against our worst dealings of all time? Taking in to consideration the respective financial climates, I'd probably place it between 750K for Brian O'Neill and 750k + Billy Dodds, for Robbie Winters!


Bad comparison in my opinion. In those days 750K wasn't massive amount of money for transfers as everyone was spunking it all over the place.


O Neill is as bad if not worse a player but to compare transfer fees is off the mark.


That 750k these days would be about 1k. :laughing:


More ludicrous transfer fee was Falkirk giving us 50k for John Stewart and Boro giving us 600k for Lee Miller. :hysterical:







Stewart was probably the better player as well.



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