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Our Next Few Fixtures

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Find it a bit odd that people are optimistic on the back of team playing well but still failing to beat a piss poor Hun side. I actually am concerned that we are reportedly playing well and still losing as it suggests to me players are simply not good enough. Teams that claim to be playing well but not getting the breaks are usually the ones that end up in relegation trouble.

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It would appear everyone is capable of beating everyone else, will be quite happy if we get a couple of wins



no it wouldn't, as it'd appear that thus far we have only been capable of beating ICT.


Had you said it'd appear that everyone is capable of not losing to everyone else, I might have agreed but only just.


Basically I have seen nothing through out a full 90 min game to justify Aberdeen as being good enough to overcome pretty much any other team in the SPL (& that includes the ICT game)

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Find it a bit odd that people are optimistic on the back of team playing well but still failing to beat a piss poor Hun side. I actually am concerned that we are reportedly playing well and still losing as it suggests to me players are simply not good enough. Teams that claim to be playing well but not getting the breaks are usually the ones that end up in relegation trouble.



Yes it's rather worrying isn't it?


& there has been all sorts of excuses or justifications rattled off for this being ok.


Plenty time left in window.

Premiership squads not decided yet.

Best become available late in window.

We've strengthened on paper.

..."..... ........."............. from back to middle. (hard to beat) & yet STILL getting beat :dontknow:

Playing his cards close to his chest.

The team takes time to gel. (always a good un)

I'll wait until the first round of games before I judge :deadhorse: (if folk can judge players on a few games then how the fk can a team only be judged after 11 fkn games?) where's the logic.

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I will happily have a bet with with you right now for £50 that if we get beat by hibs next game & then go on a three game winning run, that we will still not make forth position.


& I will be very happy if I lose the bet also.


So no risk for you really. you can only lose if we get that exact run of results & we still do not make fourth position :dontknow:


The bet is only open to you though (not wanting to take on all of Afc chat) :laughing:


I did say there is a chance but the odds are against me on that especially with Hearts vs St Mirren as the 2nd game in the 4. But i don't mind losing £50 for Aberdeen to win 3-in-a-row. So i will take that bet on. I fancy Aberdeen against Hibs anyway and the price for us is pretty big imho.

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Unfortunately your argument falls flat when people at games see signs of promise for themsleves.


Considine played brilliantly yesterday, we saw a hungry Fyvie and Pawlett, Milsom seems back on song, Osbourne now up to speed and forms a really good engine room with Arnason.


We aren't perfect by a long chalk, we still have some way to go, nobody is denying any of that.


It's also interesting how injuries aren't a valid excuse when we play badly, but Caleys injuries are thrown about because it suits folks arguments.

Things aren't as black and white as you make out.



Well they're certainly not as bloody colourful as you are all trying to make it.


Simple facts are we're lacking the creative aspect of our whole team.

We HAVE left it to late to rectify it, as it should have been sorted much much sooner (other managers would have been sacked long ago for this alone) than last day of window, if at all.

The premiership squads are finalised & have been for weeks barring the odd signing.

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What specifically do you disagree with?


There's only one person here refusing to look at the other side of the argument, and it ain't me.


I'm saying there are positives to be taken also, whether you like it or not.



I have looked at all sides of the arguments & from all angles (mostly head in hands) & haven't denied that some players have played well, far from it, in fact I have agreed with Jute in that it's worrying that we have played 'well' (or better than we have in games we played badly) & yet are still being comfortably beaten :dontknow:

St Midden fair enough only one nil but there was only ever going to be one winner in that game.

Hearts, yes we played well & yet still get beaten 3 nil from a team that hadn't won in their last 15 games

We played well at Ibrox & yet still get beaten by the huns.


Folk have said we played well there yes & even Broon has said we could have scored two goals aye? aye if we'd taken our chances, we'd have scored two goals.




I watched the same game & whilst I agree that yes we did play better than the last game, we only had two good chances & maybe a couple of half chances.

Huns had far more chances & had they scored all their good chances & we scored all our 'good' chances the score would have been about 4 or 5 ---2 :dontknow:


Mainly I'm worried about a lot of fans relaxed attitude towards our failings in the transfer window regards signing creative players & that we MAY not even be bringing these players even now.

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We need to get a result against Hibs. I doubt we will, though.


Potentially bottom of the league, and deservedly so.


Can't say I'm particularly bothered... not because I think we'll get our sh*t together later, but because I don't really care one way or the other. If the club were to get relegated at the end of this season I don't think I'd give a f**k. If they won the league I don't think I'd give a f**k about that either.


I'd like to thank Stewart Milne and his Flying Monkeys on the board for making me not give a f**k any more... good work, fellas.

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That's 11 games in now & it's an interesting read going back through this thread & the predictions.

I firstly said 6 points from Hibs game to now but then changed it to 7 points at best & I'm pleased to say I under estimated (but unfortunately only by one point) & we got 8 points with a draw v Hibs draw v Killie (could have should have been more) & wins v Pars & Utd.


So 12 points from possible 33 is not great by any means but admittedly better than I thought we'd achieve given our lack of creative spark (which is still apparent btw) but have to say, taking all things into account I'd have to say I'm happier than I thought I'd be at this stage.


Now We have a good chance to get some points from the OF (have them out of the way early in this fixture cycle) & then go on a good run to really get a decent standing finally.


I feel a little better now going into this run than I thought I would be but not getting carried away (far from it) & realise it can still all go to shite all over again.


So :crossfingers: for 6 MASSIVE points in next two games then we can really get carried away & start the :bounce: again



:crossfingers: :crossfingers: :crossfingers: :crossfingers: :crossfingers: :crossfingers:

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I'm pleased that some of my optimism has been justified and some of the negativity not so, especially good to see Osbourne and Arnie really coming into their own as our heartbeat over the last few games.


East Fife a blot on our copybook obviously.


While we've shown we can do it against the Dunfermline and United, we need to keep it going and going. We're capable of pushing on from here, but thankfully it's not a case that "we're shit and there's no two ways about it" as it seemed to certain forum members back in August time.


At least we seem to be on an upwards trajectory with plenty of positives to be had, whereas this time last year things were really starting to turn to shit.



Well I'd have to say that whoever said or even thought that were certainly not far wrong, if at all.

Just cos we've had two good results in our last two games doesn't change the fact that we blew a chance of racking up points (against some other shite teams) because we were shite (& not because we were unlucky) but we can hopefully move on from that & hopefully we've turned a corner & this last two results are not a false dawn, or just a couple of games that our sorely lacking luck returned for a short while.


I would still not go as far as to say we are great (or even good) but will give them the step up to average for the moment.

We have strengths yes, as in Midfield & also Fallon's link up play but we still have some major weaknesses also.


But This is a great time to get an OF double header & it could make (but not break) our season :crossfingers:

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