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Only reason i am paying it is because i will never be back in the states to do it again.


Read somewhere that Preston have decided to reduce ticket prices for this season and it seems to be working for them.


Problem is people are always going to want to go to matches so they will pay whatever they are told too.


Remember when i used to get into old trafford for

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Aye that was unbelievable, actually looked away as thought he was down, was expecting it to be called back as there is no way his knee couldnt have hit the ground.


Interesting to see him and grant in the back this season, forgot all about the Tight End guy as well,


Think i maybes sold the packers short.

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Patriot and Packers are. i don my Giants, Jets and Saints jerseys at appropriate times -- sentimental attachments.


Brady needs a haircut.. badly. :( i give you that. but he's an awesome qb.

Where did you buy that from? I cant seem to buy one without needing an American credit card.

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