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I've got a feeling that the Saints might find this weekend's game a lot harder and may well struggle against a 49ers defence that has had the benefit of the weeks rest.


for sure they were having problems this past weekend.

and Tebow/Broncos have definite spoiler potential in the AFC.


but i'm standing behind my original Packers/Pats match-up for the bowl. :crossfingers:

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Who dat


Who dat


Who dat not going to the championship game.


Fucking 9ers are though.


I would also like to publicly apologies to Alex Smith for all the many many insults I have thrown his way over the last 6 years. He might not be a useless cunt afterall. Defence and special teams were phenominal tonight.

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You mean alex "bust" smith? :applause:


Thats the fella.


I take all the insults back...well until next weekend when I will again bitch about drafting Smith instead of Rogers.


That game was up there with some of play games from 80s and 90s for 9ers. Just hope they have something left for Championship game next week.

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