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Most of us with any level of football knowledge can tell straight away if its down to settling in time or footballing ability. :thumbup1:


Fallon has it, very short of game time and fitness but can tell he's going to be a good signing


Was obvious from the first 10 minutes of challali that he was a panic signing and a duff one at that.




im as perceptive as a meerkat.


i can see things quicker than most and i can make up my mind quicker than most, this is where the problem is


i only need to see a player a couple of times to work him out and most folk cant understand this




The evidence, m'lud.

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You stated that it looks like we have got one pish striker. That is just ridiculous in my opinion, based on his first 70 minutes of football in a new team in a new country.


You seem to think they aren't what we needed in strikers on the basis of what you have seen? What did we need then? Far too early to cast judgement if it is goals based on the time so far...


To me it just seems some are far too quick to write off new players.




Thats right, "looks like", he may turn out to be decent, but if you've seen encouraging signs, please tell me what they are, because what I see is little pace, no height, no presence, no aggression, poor control, unable to beat a man, and a shoot on sight policy from 30 yards. I've not written him off, I said the signs are not encouraging, I may be wrong about him, and hope I am.

It is to early to write him off, I fully agree with that, but it doesn't mean I can't give an opinion, and thats what it is, my opinion, on what I've seen so far.

I also agree people are to quick to criticise, and this site makes depressing reading sometimes, as a result, so I try not to contribute to the negativity, but I'm frustrated by the signing of Chalali, as with a quality striker, we could have a decent side, if Pawlett stays fit, but if it turns out the new boys aren't any better than what we have, we're going to have to hope for a hell of a lot of 1-0 wins.

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That's cos he's 2 stone overweight.

Shameful for a footballer to get so out of shape.



How do you know he's 2 stone over weight?

Is he 2 stone heavier than he used to be when he was on loan at other clubs that you know of?

Or are you just assuming this cos he is a big guy & this is the first you've really seen him?


He may be a naturally big guy & can still be a very good keeper like that :dontknow: look at the likes of Andy Gorham & even Andy Gorham also, both of them were more than capable keepers & were on the large side naturally.

Keepers can be on the large (or bulky side if you like) & get away with it & not have it affect reflexes etc.


Could be that all this time sat on benches has made him pile on the beef rather than this being his natural build, we do not know (unless you know different?) & I think some are just automatically jumping on his size & it's escalating (along with his weight it appears) :laughing:

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